Rachel ley, certified labor doula

Rachel Ley is native to Pensacola. She spent much of her youth onstage performing and has now harnessed that powerful energy to help educate and support growing families when they need it most. She offers services ranging from birth planning and support to early postpartum care. 

Sweet Pea Blessings' mission is to bring empowering, professional birth support to growing families in any situation. Whether you're planning an unmedicated birth or are wanting/needing medical assistance, no mama-to-be should ever feel anxiety about how she meets her sweet pea! Rachel has a core passion to turn your hard work into an experience you can celebrate.

"I will sing Rachel's praises for the rest of my life! I was against hiring a doula. I thought she'd replace me in the birth. Rachel acknowledged that and helped show me how to guide my wife during her labor. She took fear out of our situation and devoted herself to supporting our family."
- Sweet Pea Dad